UPZ RC11 Hardboot, blau Grösse MP 260, UK 7

  • Neuer Hardboot UPZ RC11 mit FLO-Liner

    Preis 350 Fr. (exkl. Versand)



    - Buckles: Fully aluminium flat shape levers with stainless steel flex bar

    - Shoxxter race strap / adjustable

    - Composite Subframe

    - Canting 5 positions inside & outside

    - Forward flex step-less adjustable

    - Bachward Flex step-less adjustable

    - 4 Forward lean positions

    - Ride / relax lever box

    - Anti-slip / snow repellent sole profile

    - Shortest sole desinge in the industrie

    - Intec step-in binding compatible

    - Sole adapters for: Snowboard, Ski, Freeski/tour

    - Outer-tongues available in soft, medium, hard & super stiff

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