Polish Carving Session X - February 2019 near Zakopane

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  • Hallo zusammen,

    Ich auf Englisch schreibe, entschuldigung :)

    I am one of the co-organizers of Polish Carving Session and warmly invite our European brothers to join us for our 10th annual carving session. Some of you have met our Polish crew at Carving Masters or WCS and we welcome you in return to Poland. This is also a great opportunity to stop by in Krakow if you have never visited.

    The event will be held near Zakopane, the famous Polish ski resort on February 9th, 2019. As this is our 10th anniversary, we will have many special events planned. Of course all hardbooters, softbooters, skwalers, monoskiers... everyone who carves.. is welcome.

    I will update this thread with new information once more is planned.

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen :)

  • I asked Mrs. Google...

    her answer:

    Zakopane 663 km - 7h 1min

    Sölden 631 km 6h 50 min

    ... so it´s only a question of diversions :-)

  • ...where will it take place?




    ride on
    nur die G´störten fahrn mit Burton

  • I know this area, it is a hill by its definition with one? chairlift.

    This would be an important information for those to travel about 1000km there.

    Do not get me wrong, every effort to bring carvers together should be supported, but

    in relation to ALPINE ressorts TATRA offers by far not the same infrastructure.

    Everyone who intends to visit your session should know this BEFORE to avoid dissappointment.

    I like the tatra very much because I built up a decent relationship to it, but a newcomer.....

    all the best for your session,


    ride on
    nur die G´störten fahrn mit Burton

  • Hello bulwei,

    Unfortunately this is the reality of many Polish ski resorts as you probably know all to well, a single slope of 400-700 m with one chairlift or ground lift, albeit with good grooming and a very friendly family atmosphere.

    But you are quite right, we will be very clear on what to expect regarding the ski hill and also snow conditions. This has happened a couple of times in the past, for example 2 years ago we were very worried about the location (tiny 400 m hill) and snow but SG and Goltes plus a couple of guys from other countries still decided to come and we had a great time together.

    Will keep you informed! For now, stay safe during the summer and enjoy your longboards, kiteboards, and beer :)