Liners mondo 27.5

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  • Hi guys,

    I recently bought UPZ boots in shell 299mm but the liners they came with are Size 8 (mondo 26.5). I tried molding but they are too short. I am in need of a pair of mondo 27.5 liners. If anyone has new or like-new liners in this size then please send me message. I live in the Netherlands, so posting would be to there if possible. Thanks!

  • 8.0 size liner is biggest in this shell! 8.5 size liner will not fit in shell...its more than 2 cm longer

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  • I'm really confused now.. The UPZ size charts state that the 299mm shell is for mondo 27-27.5.

    I know that it says 7-7.5-8 on the sides, but I see lots of topics on line from people using a 27-27.5 liner in their UPZ.

    Are these then different types of liners that are molded?

    I just have the feeling that, feeling the inside of the shell, there is room in front and rear of the current size 8 Flo liner.


  • Here is an older UPZ size table:

    And attached one which i know that it was correct and should be still valid. The size tables have never been changed as i am aware :thumbup:


  • ^ which is confusing because 7/7.5/8 would be mondo 26.5 max, but the shell size on it is 299mm which corresponds to mondo 27-27.5....

    Anyway I'm still looking and will visit a outfitter next week to see what he thinks :)

  • Hi, i have updated the size infos above. This should resolve the confusion. With the measured foot length in CM (=MP) the correct liner size and shell size can be selected.

    3 liners fit one shell. If the MP size is around the lower size of the shell, then the smaller shell size should be considered to be choosen.

    If your foot is around 27-27.5cm long, then check with a bootfitter if the smaller shell (299mm) is fitting and select the right liner (8 or 8.5).

    Step into the boot without the liner and let around 0.5 to 1 cm room to the back end and check if you have still some space for the toes in the front and some space at the side foot left.

  • Thanks for that. My thoughts exactly. I will visit a bootfitter this Wednesday and see if he can work with the 299mm shells for me. My foot in the empty shell I can get 2 fingers in the space behind my heel. So shell size seems right. Might be that I need a slightly larger liner, or a liner that is fully moldable, and leaves more room in the length :)