Board Rental in Zermatt

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  • Hi there,

    I'm frequently on Bomber, but was recommended to try here with this question.

    Can someone suggest a place to rent an alpine board in Zermatt? I will bring my own boots and bindings.

    I asked Bayard Sports Fashion if they rent Kessler alpine, since they are listed on the Kessler website, but they do not carry boards.

    Can anyone here help with this? Thanks in advance!

  • Hello nekdut

    Im not from Zermatt but here in Switzerland there are only a hand full of sports stores left selling alpine gear and at least in my region I don't know any store having them for rent.

    You may ask at Kesslers own store, if they know a store nearby or if they send gear around.

    My last idea is this ebay store from germany. They ship gear for 52€ to switzerland and you have to ship it back somehow.