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    Sorry to have missed you! We had to leave for Salzburg before noon because we couldn't get a short extension to our stay at the appartment. Luckily as it turned out because Salzburger Mietwagen Service shuttle bus company came to fetch us back in a Ford Focus Sedan. Try getting 3 people, 3 big suitcases, 3 looooong boardbags and the driver in a Focus!!! So, after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and considerable time, we were whisked to Salzburg Airport with the Focus which then returned to St. Michael to fetch our luggage whilst we waited 3 hours in the airport........So much for going shopping and walking in Altstadt Salzburg!

    Anyone present at Katschberg 23.2.-2.3?? Flights and accomodation reserved, a Coiler and a Prior are to be seen on the slopes and equally so leaning against a Schirmbar every so often..... :thumbsup:
    Oh, then there's a pair of skis, too, but don't pay any attention to them :D

    Thank you for your answers, they've given me assurance of what I thought about in the first place. I've already gotten offers for rooms around Katschberg area, so now it's up to finding suitable flights from Finland to München or Salzburg. And of course hope for enough snow this winter!! ;)


    Me and my better half have a week to carve in the last week of February and I'm wondering about where to go in Austria. It should be within reasonable distance from München Airport and not too large and popular, so that we would be able to have some space to carve ( not like Obertauern last spring with one single hour on the slopes every morning before they were full). Preferably not TOO small either, so that we don't end up honing up'n down one single piste for the whole week!

    We've always been in the bigger locations, where the slopes have invariably turned out to get fully crowded quite soon in the day, so maybe Katschberg? We are open to suggestions and opinions, so please feel free to give us some hints, thank you. ?(