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    It has, indeed, bombed. Some of us are hoping to preserver the forums.

    You'll need a bit of research to see why it went, which was not market or product related, it seems. That's all a shame.

    Has anyone tried these? I see Blue Tomato has them, and they look very pretty.... but I suspect that they're (a) stiffer; and (b) heavier than the standard F2 titanium bindings. Has anyone tried them, and how do they work? Maybe I should buy some just to prop the door open, but I'm curious if they actually work or not...

    Not sure if this is the way to do it, but here's an attempt ...

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    >> So do not forget the "Autobahn Vignette" for Au stria.
    Except if you drive there from Germany over the "Fern Pass" (can not get my keyboard to render that properly & fast) you do not Need the Vig. Or you did not for the last few years. Please tell me if that's changed. Note also on that route that it is usually a speed trap just on the Austrian side of the border.

    Sticker stuff : Thanks, discounts are good.

    Dinner : Please put it on the list if it's still open.

    Drone Video
    And a question... I have a drone with a 4k camera which could get some overhead video *** if that's legal in Austria ** and if the resort doesn't have a problem with it. Any thoughts on that? Would I get arrested if I used it? Of course I could use it very quickly and discretely if that would help... but perhaps there's a "correct" way to do this: no point it breaking rules if you don't need to.

    Porsche say you can not fit tire chains to their wheels "with the 5mm spacers" fitted.

    The instruction s for removing Those "spacers" look complicated / expensive, and the chain people do not mention them at all. I think I can just get some modern chains from a decent manufacturer and They Should sit on there just fine. Does anyone k now if the "spacers" Actually prevent the fitting of tire chains or not?

    This is a 718 Cayman with Carrera S wheels.

    Oh yeah, and once you've fixed that for me, can anyone get me EU citizenship? I know, Ireland's my best bet.... ;-)

    My language skills are significantly aided by Google Translate, but still possibly not up to this. Assuming this is a list of people who want to attend this dinner, then please can you add me?

    Ha, and there's a setting in here which switches the user interface to English - thanks to Eric for pointing that out. So I no longer am at any risk of learning which of the buttons does what.... just find the "edit profile" section and change the language to the lowest common denominator.

    Yes, I can do that - I have the shots I cut already on a work machine, but if you can email me somewhere I can drop them, I'll push them up there when I get back to that machine, probably tomorrow.

    I cut those images to the size of the machine I was travelling with - 1300px by 768px I think. If anyone needs to print poster sized then the originals are better for that - anyone who wants that will need to email me and I'll dig out the shot etc.


    Hi Chaps,

    Thanks for coping with those of us whose German extends to pointing at things and asking for "Ein stuck".

    Here, for your delectation, are a couple of Facebook galleries of images from last weekend:

    Those are all cropped on my portable under the influence of Mr Erdinger, so the colours may be a little off, and the aspect ratio is what my laptop shows.

    I don't have an email - I'll just have to work out out when I'm there. I hope I can solve any problems with the application of hard currency on Friday afternoon, when I should turn up somewhere near that Shell petrol station in Solden. Fingers crossed for the conditions.

    Thanks for the info guys - I'm sure I can work something out. I will probably need to hire a car anyway as I was going to visit Ischgl for the end of season thing there afterwards.

    Vignettes... I assume I just buy them at the border crossing or at a petrol station? I'm sure I failed to find one the last time I was driving there. But maybe I'll go via Garmish as I'm only flying from the UK so it's easy enough..


    I'm thinking of going to this, having been to the 2009 version. One thing that's changed is the airports I can get to now, so I need a new route there from the UK.

    It looks like Innsbruck is out for direct flights. The obvious remaining choice is Munich, which I recall has draft Weissbier anyway so that's all good. Therefore I need to hire a car there and drive to Solden (beer will only be used on the return trip). Maybe someone here can help me with...

    • Do I need a "vignette" or anything like that to drive from there through Austria to Solden?
    • I'm assuming there's no legal requirement for chains at this time of year - is that right?
    • It looks like I could go via Garmish or Kufstein - any views on the best route? It'll probably be a friday evening so busy...
    • Anyone know any no-smoking hotels in Solden?

    I've been pretty crash clear: can't remember any. I had one powder line a few weeks ago which both I and someone else hit at the same time. We were both riding pretty much fall-line so we just bounced off each other and he crashed (a skier). No damage done.

    On piste... everything stated here, plus I tend not to stop anywhere people could hit me. I look around like an idiot, all the time. I just have to know what's behind me. Then I ride pretty fast, so I'm only really interested in a few potential people from behind. I mostly ride fall-line, then when I'm doing big carves I'll make double-sure it's clear.

    Blame? I don't really care about that, if I'm hit, then I'll get hurt... the fact I can sue the other guy is little comfort..

    Thanks... I used one of those in the past and they were good. In the end I was constrained by precisely what I wanted (Kessler SL plus Head Boots) so I ended up using (Good service, no problems, except they don't take credit cards so transactions are expensive) and (also good service, no problems) for the Kessler.

    So that's, what... Italian Boots and a Swiss board, bought from an Austrian shop and a French shop by a Brit, based on advice from a German web site. Oh, and it'll probably be mostly ridden in Canada. :)

    I have good news and bad news. My bad news is that I'm not going to get to Europe to board before Xmas. The good news is that I'll be working instead, so I'll have money but not time...

    Hence I need to buy a board and maybe some other stuff from France/ Germany/ Austria online. I'm headed for Canada later, but that's the wrong place to buy hard gear.

    In the past I've used Blue Tomato, but they don't seem to have what I want... which is a Kessler SL and a pair of either Head Stratos Pro or UPZ RC10 boots (I've ridden Raichle forever so maybe it's time for a change).

    Googling around I can pretty much only find French online shops, which is fine so long as they're not on strike. Can anyone recommend any good online retailers - location broadly irrelevant so long as they're in the EU?

    What about the (presumably huge?) Au Vieux Campeur? They seem to have the bits I'm after, but I can't see anything which looks like a "buy this now" button (Ok, my French is good for ordering beer and improves hugely after consuming said beer, but it's not that good).

    I'll probably go - maybe I should talk to the organizers about some photography stuff.

    One thing I could not figure out last year (my German is limited to ordering the correct beer) was how the demo thing works... how does that work, are you supposed to book things in advance, or do you just walk around and borrow boards?

    Ok, I know it's an old thread, but as I'm here...


    Original von István[...]
    I use. This was the point when I started to think about the usefulness of the leash overall. :crazzy:

    Is it really necessary to have a leash? :-?

    They're not commonly used in BC at least. I've not used one for some time, although I carry one in my bag just in case I'm hassled by some patroller or other. But I'm not discrete and I've interviewed/ photographed various resort safety and similar people and no one checks/ cares. At Whistler/ Blackcomb they have a code of conduct which mentions breaking devices, so they could enforce that if they wanted, but they don't.

    Off piste/ in the back country, you don't wear a leash, end of story. I've never seen anyone lose a board in heli/ cat stuff, although I'm sure it happens. With hard gear you need to sit on the boards if there's a heli about, and you don't slide the boad to move it around when getting it out of the basket.

    On piste/ in resort, my view...

    - Clearly some boards run free, but that isn't proof that a leash would reduce the risk of this; it's not enough on its own.

    - The leash is no use when both feet are in the bindings: you're not going to take two failures at once. Arguably it reduces the risk of a free-running board if you start with one foot in and then take a binding failure. I'm not sure how large the risk of that actually is, and you need to factor in the risk of dropping the board whilst fastenign the leash (see below).

    - The leash could be useful when you're hiking, if you use it then. But most leashes these days are clearly unsuitable for this, so I don't think that's what we're talking about here.

    - If you put your board down, the main risk time is before your first foot is clipped in. There's a similar risk if you put your board down before fastening the leash to it, so I'm not sure that you reduce the overall risk that way.

    Conclusion: I don't use a leash at resorts either.